Monday, March 24, 2014

Carrying on Family Tradition

When I asked my dad where he thought I would go on my mission, he immediately, without hesitation, said Seoul Korea.

I thought that was the last place I would be sent to, only because of the huge coincidence that would be......

Both my parents served in the Korea, Seoul mission in the late 1980s:

Where Sister Landsem and Elder Holdaway eventually met:

After writing back and forth for the remainder of their mission, they started dating when they both got home. Needless to say, it was a match made in heaven. On March 7th, 1991 they were married in the Salt Lake City Temple
And four years later they had a baby girl. 
19 years later, and that daughter was called to serve in the Korea Seoul South mission, just next door to where her parents had met 25 years earlier.

All this would explain this reaction when I read where I was being called to:

It turns out that my dad was right....just like he always is :)

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  1. Love seeing the photos of your parents, Kaelin! Looking forward to future updates! Good luck and stay safe!