Monday, November 24, 2014

Exchanges, Rooster, and Choco Pies


This week has been quite . . . uneventful . . .

However, we did go on exchanges with the Sister Training Leader (STL) on Thursday. Every transfer the STL tries to go on companion exchanges with every sister. So on Thursday I stayed in my area and Sister Chestnut went to their area. It was a 24 hour exchange so Sister Chao (the STL) came and spent the night here in 계산. 
While Sister Chao was here we had an appointment with a new investigator. I was SO nervous because it's stressful enough teaching a new investigator but it's more stressful when you aren't with your actual companion and when you aren't very good at Korean. 

Thankfully, it turned out really well! The lady we met with wanted to buy us coffee afterwards but we told her that we don't drink coffee but hot chocolate would be perfect. She took us to Starbucks! Which is a huge deal in Korea because Starbucks is very, very expensive. So we all sat and chatted about our lives with her. I am amazed still that I can actually talk with Koreans and have a full-on conversation with them -- in Korean! 

After the meeting I took Sister Chao around our area and showed her some of the cool stuff our area has to offer. All in all, it was really fun and I learned a lot from her. It's always nice to shake things up from time to time :) 

Transfer calls were this week and Sister Chestnut and I will be staying with each other for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Korea and Christmas is actually not a huge holiday either. Sister Chestnut and I decided that we are going to splurge and get ourselves a nice Indian meal for Thanksgiving. Not very patriotic but we both love Indian food and it's probably easier to find here than turkey.

Pictures for the week: 

I was walking through the 시장 (shijang or market), and I saw this fellow just hanging out: 

​Usually the only birds I see in the shijang are dead . . . so this was exciting! 

Also, last Monday our district said goodbye to one of our ward members who has helped us a lot with our English class. We will miss him so much! (I am also shown sporting my new, puffy, down-feather coat ready for the chilly winter!) 

The Elders made a special "cake" for him out of peanut butter and Choco Pies: 

Until next time! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! 

Forever thankful to be a missionary, 
Sister Holdaway

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