Thursday, April 24, 2014

MTC Week 2!!!

I am going to start off this update by telling you all about my magnificent Easter Sunday! President Uchtdorf came to speak to us and I got to SHAKE HIS HAND! I can't tell you anymore about the experience because I could hardly see him through my tearing-up eyes. But it was wonderful!

Here are some good quotes:
"If you want to punch Satan in the mouth, preach the gospel."
"Only when we fear no man, can we be great missionaries."
"Overbearance is boldness without love."
To top it all off, Dallin H. Oaks was the guest speaker on Tuesday night! I can't even believe that we got three General Authorities within a week of each other!
Some notes from his talk -- Counsel For Missionaries:
- Physical Health
- Instruments in His Hands
- Prepare yourselves to Act in His Service
- Remember Who You Are (Lion King?)
- Work to Establish the Church
- Teach AND Testify
- Get Committments
- Nurturing
- "Conversion is not an event the precedes baptism but what we work on throughout our lives."
Anyway, on to more regular MTC life,
We have a new elder finally! His name is Elder Barton and he was in the MTC for a week in January but broke his arm. Now he's back and he definitely studied up. He's such a strength to our district and to his companion who much needed him :)
There's a new teacher named Sister Baek who is really into pushing us to the limit. My first one-on-one interview with her consisted of her throwing verbs and vocabulary at me and me having to put them into coherent sentences. It was stressful but I have definitely learned a ton from her.
Most of our branch is all leaving for Korea on Monday and we got 3 new Sisters yesterday. So, by next week we will have 12 people in our branch: 8 Sisters and 4 Elders. Sister Power!!
My companion's blog is:
Another Sister's blog is:
Also! There's a site called where you can write out an email but I actually get it the same day so.....some of you should definitely do that :)

- Holdaway 자매

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