Thursday, May 1, 2014

MTC Week 3 -- More Top Notch General Authorities!

What a week this has been, definitely packed full. Whew!

Of course, one of the main highlights was the fact that ANOTHER General Authority came to speak with us! That's right, Elder Christofferson graced us with his presence on Tuesday night. I can't believe I've only been here for 3 weeks and I have seen 4 top notch General Authorities, including someone from the First Presidency.  

We said goodbye 22 missionaries as they set out for Korea. But we said hello to 3 new sisters which was exciting for everyone :) Since more than half of our branch left, I have been a single Sister Training Leader but since I'm only over 7 sisters I think I can handle it. 

On Wednesday I was able to be a new missionary Host which means that I was picked the new missionaries up and escorted them to their residence and their classrooms. I was so excited to see all the new missionaries but my arms were killing me afterwards seeing as I had to carry ALL of their bags which I'm sure weighed more than 50lbs each! It was my workout for the rest of the week! 

This week, our schedule has been flipped upside down and it's taking some getting-used to. We now have Gym at the beautiful, sun-rise hour of 6:40am. After Gym, we have about 3 hours of study time and planning time. Then we have class till 9:30pm with breaks for meals. It's different but I think it's a good schedule that is similar to what I'll be living out in the field. 

We are teaching two investigators currently which means that we're teaching a lesson every day. One of our investigators (I honestly don't even know her name...oops) was introducing herself and I could have sworn she said she was married. So, the next time we met I asked her if her husband was around. She gave me the most concerned look and let me know that she does not have a husband! I was definitely embarrassed! But these things just need to be laughed off :) 

This week I read a story about a fisherman who leaves the house at 10am to go fishing. He comes back home at 10pmand has not acquired any fish! He wonders how he could have been gone for 12 hours and not have any success. However, he only spent about 2 hours with his fishing line in the water. He spent a while getting prepped, he took a break for lunch, and he left a little earlier than planned because he was tired. 
This applies to my missionary work because I could be out for a full days of work but if I don't "put my line in" was I really working? Our district is really trying to keep our "line in the water." To stay focused and understand what's really important now. We all like to remind each other of this and it's really been a strength. 

My dad updated my blog with the correct address along with my Unit number and release date :) 

[Dad here . . . You can send her mail and packages by snail mail, or even letters through using this address:

Sister Kaelin Holdaway
Unit 2
Missionary Training Center
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84602

Make sure to send her something!]

I love you all! 

- Holdaway 자매

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