Thursday, May 8, 2014

MTC Week 4!!! Hangin' with Elder Holland


So this week's apostle speaker was.....*drumroll*.....Jeffrey R. Holland!! 

I have been waiting for this day my entire life! I was literally one seat away from being able to meet him and shake his hand :'(  Oh time! 

We got new Native Korean Sisters this week so I was sitting next to them during the devotional. As Elder Holland walked in we all stood up and as I looked over I saw that the Korean sister was crying! It really hit me right then that this is truly a global faith and people around the world know the prophets. It was sad, however, because no one showed up to translate for the Korean speakers so they didn't understand a word he said. I was touched to see the sisters trying to write down as many english words that they could recognize. They made a valiant effort because they knew and could feel the importance even if they didn't understand it. 

Speaking of Korean Sisters - Last week I got a letter from the last Korean sisters that were here and it was so cute!! Here's a little excerpt as Sister Kim gives a great attempt at English :) 
"Hi, Sister Holdaway and My MTC Mommy! I really thank you for your kindness! You always help me when I hagve trouble. So I feel you love me. Will you marry me? Sorry....Just Joke! hahahaha....Don't be angry.
And then some more Korean that I haven't figured out yet. I love the Native Koreans!!!! 

Today, for our P-Day, we were able to actually leave campus and go to the BYU Museum of Art. This is the most freedom, I'm sure, that any mtc missionary has ever had the privilege of receiving. We got to go to the Sacred Gifts Exhibit which was such a wonderful experience to see artwork from Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann(spelling?), and Frans Schwartz. I feel like after that exhibit I understand the Atonement so much more. It was such a blessing that they let us go. 

We also got to stop by the BYU Creamery on the way back! It was nice getting a break from the MTC food and we were able to go shopping and bring stuff back with us! Some of the Elders got Kimchi...I'll have to see if they could smuggle me some :)

The Sisters from Left to Right: Sister Broyles, Sister ME, Sister Amituanai, Sister Ness, Sister Zundel (her cousin is in my ward at home), Sister Stratton, Sister Hill (my fellow Sister Training Leader), and my companion, Sister Parcells. 

​It is such a wonderful time to be at the MTC. I have been able to see 5 apostles (Anderson, Uchtdorf, Oaks, Christofferson, Holland)  in a period of 4 weeks. We have been able to leave the grounds to go to the BYU campus and we have been notified that we can call our Mothers on Mother's Day! Which never happens at the MTC! 

I love being here, I love learning Korean, I love and adore and respect my District and I am just taking everything in because it will be over before I know it. 

Saranghamnida!!! (I love you!!) 

- Holdaway Chame  

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