Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 6: A Surprise Guest!


We'll start off this email with a little bit of Story Time with Sister Holdaway: 

It was Sunday evening. My district was preparing for the devotional that night and we were all taking guesses on who it would be. Some people guessed a member of the Seventy but we usually don't get any 'big names' on Sundays. We didn't go to the auditorium until a little bit later because we assumed we didn't need to get good seats if we didn't know who the speaker was. 

We get some seats up in the bleachers and we are all settled in. We still aren't sure who the speaker is. Usually they say who it is on the projector but they didn't yet. President Nally, the MTC President, informed us that we would be watching "The Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar for our devotional. We all assumed that the speaker was a no-show. "The Character of Christ" is a wonderful talk! I've seen it before and I was looking forward to hearing it again. However, about half-way through I started dozing and I found it hard to stay focused. My district was writing in memory books or doing some kind of homework. 

When the talk ended it was around 8:30 so we all expected it to be over and we were about to leave. THEN, all of a sudden, everyone started standing up (which you only do when there is an apostle entering the room)! We were so far back it was hard for us to see but someone shouted "Bednar!" and everyone was SHOCKED! We were pranked by the MTC! 

Sure enough, Elder Bednar walked right up to the microphone and said we were going to be doing a question and answer session. 

How many people get to do a question and answer session with an apostle? Especially in such a small group of people?! 

It was so amazing. I learned so much. It was such a shock and I still can't believe it happened :) 

More exciting stuff this week -- 
  • We received around 15 new missionaries! We have 4 sisters and 11 elders. I am the same distance apart from them as my older missionaries were from me. If that makes any sense. It's been fun getting to know them and it's really making me feel like my time here is dwindling! 
  • On P-Day we had a picnic outside of the MTC on the big lawn they have in front of the temple. We got to play some sports and enjoy the beautiful spring day! 
  • We have been really progressing with our investigators this week, Our lessons and teaching skills are improving dramatically! Tonight, we are going to be able to Skype an actual family in Korea and teach them a lesson! I'm so excited and a little nervous. Technology is truly amazing! 

Thanks for all of your support! I love you all! 
Holdaway 자매

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