Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfers! But no one is moving!

Hi everyone!

Yet another busy P-day! Today I'm actually on exchanges and we're heading with other Elders in our district to go to a traditional Korean folk village in 신길. It sounds like it's going to be fun! However, that means a short-ish email and no pictures :( 

But I assure you next week there will be some great pictures from the village!
Last P-Day we were actually able to have a brunch with President and Sister Morrise. There was only one other companionship with us so it was nice to have some one-on-one time with them. Apparently iPads are getting closer and closer to getting to Korea for missionaries to use! Hopefully it will be while I'm still here. It's amazing how missionary work can change when all the paperwork we do is digitized. It won't be as hard to lose people in the cracks.
On Tuesday, there was a baptism for the cutest 8-year-old girl (pics coming next week). She had a beautiful white dress and she twirled around in it and looked so happy! I had immediate flashbacks to when I was baptised 11 years ago. It really makes me feel so incredibly blessed.
I'm trying to think of anything else that happened this week.... :/ 

In our ward, we try to get a lot of practice lessons with members and meet with them but in Korea everyone is really really busy. It's so nice of our members, because if they can't meet with us or have to cancel they buy us groceries. This week we were able to get some really good food from our members and it really touched my heart that these members are so busy but they still take time to make sure we have food. One of the members even bought us a cake that we ate on transfer night.
This transfer everyone in our house is staying which is really great because I love all of them!
Other than that, my companion and I are working really hard. Sometimes we don't see the results of our work but I think as long as we're doing our best that's all that matters. There are some days where we are literally running from appointment to appointment. I'm definitely getting my daily jog in 3times over. So, if you see two foreigners in longs skirts and backpacks running through town really awkardly....that's us :)
I love you all! 사랑해요!

Thanks for your support. Sorry about no pictures! Emails are no fun without them :(
항상 사랑으로,
홀다웨이 자매

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