Monday, July 7, 2014

Water Fight and a Visit from the Mission President


So, after I emailed last P-day my companion and the other sisters in our house went on an adventure to try to find Mexican food and a park where a Zone Water Fight was going to be held. Let's just say that we got lost in this city for about an hour trying to figure out where we were. It was a good thing that one of our sisters - 조은비 자매 (Sister JoEunBi) - speaks Korean.

About an hour and a half later we made it to this park and we preceded to use the water guns to basically just spray each other because we were so hot. It was really fun though and it was nice to see people in the Zone.

​This is the park we spent an hour trying to find! But it was worth it:

We also had a Zone Conference where I got to see the people in my 동이 (the other missionaries that came with me to Korea) like, Sister Parcells, Elder Barton and Elder Holley!

After the Water Gun Fight, we ran home, and got changed for Family Home Evening that we hold every Monday night at the church. This week we were in charge of snacks so we grabbed some Choco-Pies which are always a hit with everyone.

Because of our busy p-day we worked with our free time on Tuesday to prepare for the Mission President, President Morrise, to come to our apartment. Every other transfers he does interviews but this is the first time he's ever personally come to our apartments. So that meant that we were cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. We do a pretty good job keeping our apartment clean but our apartment is pretty old and needed some elbow-grease and scrubbing. My 6 months working as a custodian and the MTC really payed off! By the time we were done it looked....better. (You have to compare it to how it looked before).

It was so nice have President Morrise and Sister Morrise come. I could really feel of their love for us because they took time out of their busy schedules to come and visit us. It was also a good experience to have to prepare physically and spiritually for their arrival. It was like having an apostle come. It was hard when they left because they are the closest things us missionaries have to parents while out here in Korea. I love them so much!

The rest of the week we worked and worked. We have been asking the bishop in the ward what we can do to help and he mentioned that the Sister's bathrooms need to be cleaned so on Saturday we put on our grubbies and headed out to the church only to find that someone had already cleaned them! It was still really great to be able to wear pants though :)

As far as the weather goes, It's been really really raining heavily this past week and it's been hot and sticky. But according to everyone in Korea we haven't even hit the monsoon season yet.....It's going to be a fun summer here in Korea!

I love you all! Thanks for the love and support you all show me :)


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