Monday, July 14, 2014

Trip to the Temple . . . and Donuts!

Hi everyone!

I thought a picture of yummy food would be good to start out this email :) *It's ok to be a little jealous* 

For being a day known for relaxation and taking a breather, I find that my P-Days are far busier than any other day. After this I have to run and get groceries and then Sister Berry and I are in charge of the activity for Family Home Evening tonight! Lot's of fun stuff to do!

Speaking of FHE, this was last weeks activity:

​Yay for donut eating contests!!

In other news, all new missionaries - when they first get to the field - are being trained by a more experienced missionary and we also spend an hour a day working on a "12 Week" program. The program is designed to help you teach and involves a lot of watching "The District." I'm on week 6 right now....crazy, right? Almost half way done with training!

On Tuesday, we had a 12 Week follow up with the Mission President and it involved everyone who came the same time I did (which was a pretty small group). It was nice seeing everyone....but mostly I see them a lot because they're in my Zone. Ironically, the one Elder who isn't in our Zone burned his foot somehow and had to stay home . . . we hope he feels better and we're sad we weren't able to see him!

BUT possibly the biggest update for this week is that on Thursday I got to go to the Seoul Temple!!! Yay!!!

I really am blessed because my mission gets to attend the temple every transfer (6 weeks). It was so strange because we were in this big city, walking around and my companion said we were almost there but I literally didn't see a temple anywhere so I was really confused. Then we walked up this small street, up this huge hill, turned a corner and BAM the temple is right there! In the middle of this bustling city. The temple is small, especially compared to the Washington, D.C. Temple. But the minute I walked onto the grounds it's like everything suddenly got calm and peacefull. I am definitely looking forward to going every transfer.

I can't believe this transfer is almost over. It's gone by so fast and yet so many things have happened. In just a short month I have experienced more and grown more, and I'm only been here for a month!

The biggest lesson I have learned is hope. Hope that tomorrow can always be better because tomorrow is a new day.Tomorrow I can be better than I was today and that's really all that matters. That's what growth is. It's small and simple and all of a sudden you look back and think about how far you've come. If you can make it this far, you can make it to tomorrow:)

I love you all! Keep smiling!

할수이씁나다! 사랑해요!

- 홀다웨이 자매

​빙수! AKA: The only fruit I can afford.

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