Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 9: The Day the Sky was Yellow


Wow, what a great week! Because it's summer vacation time we don't have a lot of investigators right now (just one that's getting baptized in a few weeks!), so we have really been turning our attention to the ward and working with Less-Active members which has proven to be really successful!

This week we met and talked with 3 Less-Active families. One of them called us (after several attempts from our side to contact her) and she asked to meet with us. When we met with her the first thing she wanted to know was: What time our church meets, how her oldest son can get the Priesthood, and how her youngest son can be baptized. Sister Berry and I were shocked. "Yes..yes...absolutely we can help you do that." What a 축복(blessing)!

We also had ZONE CONFERENCE this week!! Zone activities are always so much fun because I get to see other missionaries and we can all come together and say "Hey, I know how you're feeling, we're in this together." Zone conferences are extra special because we got to hear from the mission president, President Morrise and his wife.

There are a few changes in missoinary work. For instance, we received two new pamphlets to try to use. One is "Who are the Missionaries?" which teaches about our purpose and what we do. The other one is "Who is God?" which is used mainly for those who don't have a background in Christianity. They are SO amazing. Especially since my Korean isn't that great, the pamphlets explain things so simply and clearly. Our mission is just testing them out before they give us more to use but I think they will be generally used in the future.

And the other change. For those of you who don't know, there are 5 lessons that missionaries teach which comprise the basic doctrine and principles of our church. However, we have only been teaching the first 4 before baptism and the 5th one after. But now, General Authorities have asked us to teach all 5 before and after baptism.

It's amazing how fast things are changing and getting better as technology is becoming more a part of missionary work. By the end of my mission I'll be able to say that things were so different when I first started my mission. Wow! Maybe we'll even get iPads!

So, you're probably wondering about the "Sky was yellow" day. Well, last night Sister Berry and I were just chilling and cooking dinner in our aparment when all of a sudden I look outside and say "Um, should we be concerned that it's yellow outside?" So we looked out and this is what we saw:

​No, there is no filter on these pictures. It was literally yellow outside! Then it turned orange, then red then purple. I don't know what's going on with the air here but there's definitely something crazy! Like a scene out of an Apocalypse movie or something.

I hope everyone is doing well! Until next week, 화이팅(fighting!)

- Sister Holdaway

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