Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Bupyeong and the Cutest Cat in Korea!

I lost count on what number update this is so I gave up :) 


To make up for the lack of pictures last time I have a lot of pictures this time! 

The day we had 3 식사's (dinners): 

Me and Young, an English class member and his daughter Looby! 

We got ready for our new missionary to come! 

Special thanks to Odenton Ward young women who gave me this awesome package! It was so sweet and perfect! (The sheet-music was the greatest added touch:) 

Now that it's winter we eat this street food called fish bread which is delicious!! 

Then I went hiking and met this friendly fella! We were probably both equally happy to see each other^^

I tried to capture the panorama view. The city below is Bupyeoung and Geysan. My old area and my new area :) They are neighbors! 

Our new house mate Sister Moyer! 

And last, but not least, this HUGE dog we saw today!! It's a bear! 

Anyway, the hike was really fun! We ended up talking to a lot of fun people (people are always so happy when they are hiking) and we made some appointments to meet them this week! 

We have also been pretty busy preparing for a huge Halloween party this weekend! We are inviting a lot of people and it will be a good chance to get to know members and to invite our investigators. After I'm done emailing we will be spending the day decorating :) We hope for a great turn out! 

Thank you for all your support!  I'm so happy for this opportunity to serve the people of Korea. Korea is so beautiful and so unique :) 

Love you all! 
-Sister Holdaway 

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