Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 17: The Ice Cream Miracle

Hey All!

This one will be a short one today....again :(

So much to do, so little time.

For all of you who got to watch General Conference this weekend, I'm so jealous! We're watching it next week but I saw a video of the Priesthood session and all the MTC elder missionaries were singing a Called to Serve medley. My companion, Sister Wright, also got to sing at conference last year . . .ahh, one day I will get to sing at conference :) #livinthedream

Ok, so this week was amazing!

Lot's of miracles!

First off, we are teaching two high school students who are sisters and they came to church on Sunday! The ward here absolutely swallowed them up. It was so amazing to see how excited the ward was to see new faces. I can definitely feel the new found energy in the ward now. It was also testimony meeting and I was touched to here so many testimonies about missionary work and how the missionaries have made on impact on this ward. I'm so incredibly happy that we are able to work so closely with this ward.

Also, our district is the best (pictures below).

Do you want to know about the Ice Cream Miracle? (aka the coolest part of the week)

So Sister Wright and I were just walking home from an appointment when we pass by a convenience store. We both look at each other and our faces are both saying "We deserve some ice cream." So, naturally, we go grab some ice cream. We chose a Hershey chocolate ice cream cone, a special treat for a warm day. When we were ready to buy it the lady at the cash register said if we get one more it's cheaper. So we grab one more. Now we have 3 ice creams. We both eat one and we decided to eat the other one later when we get home.

So we're walking into our apartment building when all of a sudden I 'drop' the ice cream. It didn't just drop, it flew out of my hands. I have no idea how that happened, I know I'm clumsy but that was just crazy. We had to stop for a bit so I could go pick it up. Just when we stopped a man who walked passed at that exact moment said "Are you missionaries?"

Long story short, this man was a less-active member of the Church who really likes the missionaries. His hospital is in our building and he's really interested in learning English (something we teach for free). If I hadn't dropped that ice cream I know we would have never seen that man.

The lesson I learned from this was that - if you're craving ice cream you better get it! You never know what will happen :) Also, being clumsy is not always a bad thing :)

I'm grateful for the little things in life. The little blessings everyday that make everything worth it.

I love being a missionary! 

화이팅 (fighting!)

모든 것에 주셔서 감사합니다 :)

- Sister Holdaway

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