Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 16: Shuffle the Pages Before You Sing

Wow, September is almost coming to a close! The weather is starting to get really nice and cool.  It has been raining all morning (which ruined our soccer activity) but it's perfect for sweaters and scarves.

"Bupyeoung is all miracles" said another Sister who used to be in this area. And she is right. Looking back on it, everyone we are teaching, every good thing that happens is all miracles. This week is no exception. 

It started on Monday at around 7:30 pm. Sister Wright and I were exhausted and tired but we decided that we needed to get out and at least talk to a few more people that day. After we started walking around a man came up to us "Hi Sisters!" Apparently he is a member and he invited us to dinner with some of his co-workers. At the dinner he was able to talk about missionary work and what we do. He also invited all of them to come to our English class!

Then, on Thursday we met with some potential investigators and it was a really good meeting! We offer a family english program which is 30 min English and 30 min gospel. They are excited to continue to meet with us.

AND, on Sunday one of them came to church!  

Yesterday, President Morrise and Sister Morrise came to our small ward here in 부평! Everyone was so excited. Sister Wright and I had been working diligently to prepare a special musical number: a beautiful arrangement of Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd. We have been working on this song for about a month and we felt pretty confident about it. However, 10 minutes before sacrament meeting we couldn't find our pianist! We tried to get a hold of her and finally she answered and said she'd be here in 5 min. Talk about stress! In the nick of time she got to the church right when we were called to go up. We were all pretty frazzled.

As we started singing it was going good....until we turned the page and we realized that ALL of our pages were not in order. Needless to say we completely biffed the song. Everyone came up to us afterwards, some said we did well and others said we can try again next week :) Gotta love the Korean honesty. 

Haha, it wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't singing in front of the mission president! oh well :) everyone makes mistakes. Maybe we will redeem ourselves next week. Now we just laugh about it. 

Everything is going great here in the beautiful land of 한국 (Hanguk)! If any of you watched the women's conference there were little Korean children singing "I Love to see the Temple." That was filmed in my mission! The Church here is growing :) Last month in the Liahona there was an article all about the history of the Church in Korea!

Here is the video:

Now for some pictures (and don't forget that there are more on my Photos page)!

Last week I went to China Town

The view was incredible!

My district is going to start a band called "Suits and Skirts" This will be the cover

Fun things I see in the subway! 

Until next time! 
-Sister Holdaway ^^

BTW, my awesome companion, Sister Wright, has her own blog at  Go check it out!!!

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