Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 13: Happy Chuseok!!!

What a week!

This week, everyone has been preparing for 추석 (Chuseok). You wouldn't even know there was a huge holiday coming up unless you know what to look for. Usually what gives it a way is when you see people walking down the street with a gift box full of Spam and you wonder "why would anyone need that much Spam?" It's Chuseok. There are all sorts of gift boxes. There are gift boxes with olive oil, gift boxes with nuts, gift boxes with shaving cream etc. But my favorite are the fruit gift boxes because they have really valuable, really expensive fruit like apples and peaches. A peach box can go up to 30 or 40 dollars for about 7 peaches? Wow.

Unfortunately, Sister Wright and I have yet to be invited to a real Chuseok celebration . . . and it's today. But, we do have the mission conference tomorrow to look forward to so that will be fun :)

This Wednesday was really great too because we had a General Authority come and talk to all of us. It was really interesting because Elder Aoyagi speaks Japanese and a little English. However, he and his wife gave their talks to us in English. It wasn't perfect English but I still learned a lot and I knew exactly what they were saying. Then, we had translators who translated their English into Korean for all the Korean missionaries. It really taught me a lot; there were 3 languages going on in that room but everyone was learning the same thing.

Other than that, Sister Wright and I spend our time walking and walking and walking and walking. In my old area we rode the bus everywhere but here I think I've only ridden the bus twice. It's an hour away by foot? We'll walk there!

It really has helped me get to know the area and where everything is and where everyone lives. I'm so grateful for comfortable shoes!

I think the highlight of this week was last night. We had a lesson with 2 high school girls who we have only taught a couple times before. This time, we were teaching about the Restoration and talking about Joseph Smith. I have only taught this lesson once before and I think I said two sentences and stumbled my way through my testimony. This time was so different. This time, I was in charge of sharing the First Vision. I have practiced the First Vision in Korean for months and have never before used it in a lesson. I was really nervous because I'm quoting something and I knew I had to quote it perfectly. So, I took a deep breath, smiled and "나는 네 모리 바로 의애.." As I was saying it I knew that what I was saying was true. When I finished there was silence but the silence was full...if that makes any sense.

The minute Sister Wright and I left the house we just hugged each other and we both agreed that that was the best lesson we have ever had on our missions.

Sometimes it's hard to teach with another person. It can be difficult to find a balance or that unity, but for me and Sister Wright it has been very easy and natural. I'm grateful for our companionship!

I love this work! I love the message of the Restoration that we're sharing, and I love the happiness it has brought me :)

Until next time!


-Sister Holdaway

P.S. Right after this email I will be having my first experience in a Korean bath house. Wish me luck :)

Pictures! :
1. I got some 할아머니 (Harmony/Grandma) pants! woot!
2. Bupyeoung at dusk!

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