Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 14: It's a Chuseok Party!

The highlight of this week was definitely Chuseok! We had a huge meeting with the entire mission and it was wonderful. We ate really good food and at the end we had a 2 hour talent show! (We have a lot of talent in our mission). 

Here is a video of the skit we did (based on the story of Lehi in the Book of Mormon) :)  My district was a really big hit! Everyone loved our outrageous costumes and dance moves!  [Editor's Note: The original music was dubbed in since you can't hear the music on the video that Sister Holdaway sent.]

I also got to catch up with my MTC district!

As part of the conference they set all 200 missionaries loose on a big park nearby and we all went out and talked to people and everyone was actually pretty friendly. My tactic is to find every foreigner in the park and talk to them because they probably know English :)

Other than that, we have a few teaching apointments a week and then the rest is talking to people and trying to find people who want to listen to our message. It can be hard sometimes when your days aren't full. I love the days when we have a full schedule.

Sorry this is kind of scattered, I'm running low on time today!

Last week at church a member came up to me and said "You look just that one actress....oh yea! Sandra Bullock!" Yes. Even in Korea people think I look like her but I just....can't see it. Another one I've gotten a lot, if I wear bangs, is Zoe Deschanel. Even in Korea!

The language is coming along. I'm working on the Teacher Improvement Program which improves my teaching abilites and my korean language abilities (my district leader also promised me Subway if I finished it) so I have a lot of motivation :)

Sister Wright and I are really working on being exactly obedient as missionaries. We know that as we do everything we can and do our best we can just trust God with all the rest. And we need to have a lot of trust sometimes because that's all we have. And you know what? Everything has always worked out. Always.
"Trust the Lord with all thy heart and lean not on your own understanding." 

I love it here in Bupyeong! I love these people and I love this work :) Sorry this isn't very long :(

Thanks for all your support!
- Sister Holdaway

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