Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 18: 6 Months and a 10-foot Transfer!


Wow what a week! 

A transfer is about every 6 weeks. At the end of the transfer, usually on a Saturday night, we get a call from the office telling us if we are staying, going, or getting a new companion. 

My housethe Bupyeoung (부평) sisters (me and Sister wright) and the Gyesan (계산) sisters (Sister Chestnut and Sister Kim) – were anxiously awaiting transfer calls on Saturday night. Sister Wright and I were about 95% sure we were staying. We had only been together one transfer and we were working so well together. Not to mention we adore each other! 

We knew Sister Kim was leaving because her mission was over so she was going to go home.  So we were excited to see who Sister Chestnut's new companion was going to be! 

We got the call: 

"Sister Kim, you're leaving."  

We all nod.  

"And Sister Chestnut.....oh....this is kind of weird."  

We are all holding our breath....who is her new companion going to be?  

"Sister Holdaway."  

What? Nohe must be confused.

 "Sister Chestnut is going to be with Sister Holdaway in 계산."

 But what about.... "And Sister Wright will be training." 

Ahh! So my dear Sister Wright is going to be a mother! She's going to pick up her new missionary on Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, I'm making the long journey across the house to my new room :) 

People joke that people in the same house will be transferred to the same house but I don't think it has every really happened. 

I will be living in my same area, with my old companion, but I'll be in a new area with a different ward and everything. We all agree it's pretty weird! 

It's nice that I know my companion. She was my Sister Training Leader when I was in Suji and we lived together her in Bupyeoung. And now we're companions! It will be fun but still a crazy surprise! 

Other than that, conference was amazing. This week we tried to meet every member of our ward and help them each prepare for General Conference. Through it all, I think it really helped me prepare for it as well. I enjoyed all the speakers and I can't wait to get the Liahona so that I can read all the talks over again!

In other news: 
The weather is steadily getting colder and in preparation Sister Wright and I bought winter coats! 

And you can't get us out of them.....

And last but not transfer is much too short....

Until next time! 
- Sister Holdaway 

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