Monday, December 15, 2014

O Christmas Tree and Gangnam Style

I don't have a lot of time this week so I'll try to be fast. This week was jammed packed with things! I'll just highlight a few: 
Last Monday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leader and I was able to be with the beautiful Sister Gooch who is my older 동기 (she came to korea a transfer earlier than me and we were in the MTC together). It was so nice being able to serve with someone my own mission age! We got terribly lost and between the two of us our Korean is not so great but it was still tons of fun.  
For those of you who don't know, my parents both served in Korea in the 80's and I discovered that the bishop of a ward in my area was trained by my dad and knew both my parents!  
Elder (now Bishop) Lee Chong Bok (이종복) is on the left and my dad is on the right.
He invited me over for dinner on Tuesday. It was so nice to see him and his family!

Here is 20+ years later . . . he hasn't changed a bit!
On Wednesday we had district meeting with our awesome district and we ate at Pizza Hut before hand. Normally, Pizza Hut is really expensive in Korea but we were able to get all you can eat pizza and buffet for only $10 (I don't know if that's actually cheap or not but it's cheap for here)! Korean pizza is a little different than American pizza but it's still delicious :)  
Thursday was temple day and afterwards Sister Chestnut took me to her first area: Gangnam! Does that sound familiar? Gangnam is like the New York City of Korea. It was so fun to go but I think the highlight was that we got to eat mexican food! It was expensive but worth it :) 

With Christmas coming up more members are having us over for dinner. After dinner we always share a short message. Recently, we've been sharing about the miracle of Christ's birth, His life, and His atonement. Being a missionary around Christmas time really helps me to understand the true meaning of why we celebrate this holiday. I'm grateful to be sharing these "good tidings and great joy" full-time. 
​We're trying to bring the Christmas spirit into our apartment, so we bought a small tree and have been trying to decorate it:

It's not much but it really warms our hearts. 
Speaking of warmth - we got our heater working finally! Yay for a warm house!  
With lots of love, 
Sister Holdaway  

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