Monday, January 26, 2015

Into the Great Outback

I would like to announce that last week I had a dream and in this dream every spoke Korean. That's right, I dreamt in Korean! I think I'm finally getting the language down :)

아무튼, 안녕하세요!!

This week had a ton of stuff happening so I'll try to get to touch on everything.

On Monday, after emailing, there was a Sisters Conference where we talked about budgeting, exercise, cleaning and cooking. It was really fun to see all the Sisters. I think there about 70 of us all together.

After the conference I came back home with Sister Giles from Suji on an exchange. We had so much fun. It was my first time leading the area after only being there for 2 weeks or so but I only got us lost about once :)

The next day we exchanged back. That night, we had an appointment with a bunch of little boys trying to teach them the restoration. Let's just say, that was a little crazy. The boys were jumping off the walls and couldn't focus. We are working on preparing them something fun and teach more like a game for next time. If anyone has tips on working with 6-9 year old boys, let me know^^

On Wednesday night we had our English Class. In the middle of class I was racking my brain trying to figure out something that would break the routine, something fun and would get them excited. So we ended early and put all our chairs in a circle, put a flashlight in the middle, and had a mock campfire! We taught them all how to sing Kumbaya and we had scary story time. It was really fun and out of the ordinary. Koreans love to camp so it was fun giving them an American camping experience. (Also - Korean scary stories are the funniest things. Especially when they tell them in English.)

On Thursday (sorry if this is so scattered) we went to the mission headquarters where we met with the Assistants to the President and I was able to (almost) finish the Teacher Improvement Program. In order to pass it off, I had to memorize certain scriptures in Korean, memorize the required vocabulary, memorize scripture references, and teach 2 principles from the first three lessons. However, right before I did it, they made a new change to the program and added lesson 4 and 5 (Commandments and Laws and Ordinances)  so I wasn't able to get a certificate yet :/ If only I had done it a little sooner . . .
So now I'm working on the last two lessons and hopefully I can get it done fast.

On Friday we had a member take us to . . .*drumroll* . . . OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!

​It was delicious! And a nice break from kimchi and rice (don't get me wrong, I love Korean food).

Later that day we went to do some service at an English academy where we played games with kids and talked with them in English. It was really fun!

On Saturday we went to Suji for a huge stake youth activity. They asked all the missionaries to come and help for a big missionary activity. The youth were all split up into companionships and Sister Partridge and I went and helped them plan and prepare lessons plans just like a missionary would. Later, we got to act like investigators while they came and taught us. It was such a good experience.  One of the young men that came to teach us was a convert of a year and he taught us about the Atonement. Afterwards we asked him if he wanted to serve a mission and his face just lit up and he said "Of course!"
We got to see how the Atonement truly changed his life.

Acting as the investigator and being taught those lessons from the youth really made me think about how far I've come from when I started teaching. Not only is my Korean better but I've also been able to teach the gospel principles simply and clearly. I have SUCH a far way to go still but it's nice to take a step back and see how far you've come.

I love you all!
Have a good week!

- Sister Holdaway

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