Monday, January 5, 2015

Out With the Old ~~~

새해 복많이 바드세요!  

Happy New Years!~! 

Many of you have asked how I celebrated New Years Eve. 

Well, after searching far and wide for some sparkling cider we got glasses and everything ready for midnight. We set our alarm for 11:58 and then crashed in bed. Like the sleep deprived missionaries we are -- somehow we slept right through our alarm and woke up at 6:30 the next morning. 

Kind of disappointing but Sister Chestnut and I still made 3 cheers for the new year as we groggily drank are sparkling apple cider. 

In Korea, the New Years is a MUCH bigger deal than Christmas. Because of plans and things many of our investigators were not able to meet this week. But everyone seemed happy and joyful on the street so we did a lot of street contacting^^ 

I'm not sure if I've talked about this yet but Korean ages are different than american ages. When you are born you begin at 1 (not 0) and at the beginning of the year you change ages, not necessarily on your birthday. American age I am 19 but here in Korea, because of the new year, I tell everyone that I'm 21. It's definitely fun being 21! 

We have started a service project every Tuesday where we go and sing songs and do activities at home for Alzheimer patients. It's so much fun and it's the best feeling to light up these people's day. We sing for about an hour which can be kind of difficult because . . . we don't really know an hour's worth of music so we sometimes repeat songs and hope they don't notice. They are just so happy to be with foreigners and get a break from their routine lives. Last week, we sang a traditional Korean song, Arirang. And they all broke out singing with us. A lot of these people can't speak Korean hardly at all but they still remember their beloved music. It was such a special experience. 

It's been an apprehensive week this week because we were getting transfer calls on Saturday night. President Morrise postponed the call to Sunday morning which was very stressful! Sister Chestnut and I didn't know who was going or not so we both wrote a talk for church the next day. Usually if you're new to a ward or are leaving a ward you get to talk. So our talks were both written out and we woke up Sunday morning very nervous. I have never stayed in an area . . . I usually was always the one to leave. I really love Gyesan and I have become very close to the ward and the people we serve here. President Morrise called and said that Sister Chestnut is staying in Gyesan and I will be leaving to serve back in 영동 (Yeong Dong was my first zone). I will be serving with Sister Partridge as a Sister Training Leader. I will be sad to leave Gyesan but I'm excited to go to my new area: 성남 (Seong Nam)! 

When the members found out I was leaving a lot of them wanted to feed me dinner before I left so I have gotten a lot to eat in the past few days! The love I feel from the members here is so amazing and I will miss them. 

Elder Bodily, my district leader, is also leaving 계산 after being here for 5 transfers (like 6 months) So he and I tried to get pictures with everyone in the ward.

Our wonderful district!

This was taken this morning with our lovely investigator- Esther! 
Saying goodbye ~~~~ 

Next week I will let everyone know about my new area! It's always and adventure here in Korea! 

Lots of love and new years wishes, 

Holdaway 자매 

[EDITOR'S NOTE:  Sister Holdaway also sent us this cute video of her district performing at the ward Christmas party. Enjoy!]

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