Monday, February 2, 2015

Baskin Robbins and Raw Fish Unify a Country


This week has been wonderful :)  I'm not sure if I've said this yet or not but the standard for lessons taught in a companionship per week is 10 lessons. Those lessons can be investigators, less actives, recent converts or practice lessons with members. Since we have a shortage of all of these we have been struggling reaching that number but this week we have done so much better! Our hard work is finally paying off!

This week we kept pretty busy either teaching or finding people to teach. We also did a companion exchange with some wonderful sisters in our zone. I love exchanges. It's so nice to see how other missionaries work and I always learn so much. It keeps us really busy though, but because there are two STLs we only have to do 4 exchanges this transfer . . . instead of 8 :)

On Tuesday, we taught the little boys. We came prepared with fun games to teach them English and then we were going to teach them the Plan of Salvation by writing down questions on sticky notes and having them try to answer. When they answer they can pull the sticky note off that reveals the picture underneath. The picture was a picture of the earth.

The first question asked "Where did we live before we were born? Who did we live with?"  

With some hesitation to think one boy said "From my mom's stomach?"  

We chuckled then said "Before even that we used to live in heaven with Heavenly Father."

Their eyes got wide and they said "대박(Awesome! Seriously! I can't believe it!)! You mean, we saw God?"

"Yes we did! And we lived with Him too!"

They were very impressed with this new information. Then we continued and talked about agency and our life on earth. We said that we all make mistakes and choose the wrong thing sometime.

Then we asked, "Are we perfect?"

Confidently one boy said "Yes."

Confused, we asked "Are we reeeallly perfect?"

Again, "Yes, Because God made us."

From the mouth of babes, everyone.

At the end the 9-year old prayed and in his prayer he said 'And, we'll try not to make mistakes, Amen."

It was such a touching experience. I was touched by their reaction to the news of our premortal existence and to the fact that God loves us because he created us. Yes! This message is 대박! It's awesome! The message we share is amazing and one of a kind. Teaching these boys changed from somewhat scary and frustrating to a learning experience for both of us.

On Saturday it was Sister Partridge's 18-month mark! She served a full Sister missionary's mission! We were so busy that day that we didn't have time to celebrate or do anything. She did make mention that she wanted some Baskin Robbins. We got home late and we were sad we couldn't get some. I reassured her that we could get Baskin Robbins tomorrow instead. It was still a bit of a bummer.

BUT THEN, while we were planning we get a knock at the door.  We open it and there are the Elders with a HUGE half gallon bucket of ice cream that easily cost a fortune. All for us.
That made our whole night and definitely made Sister Partridge's 18 month mark memorable.


On that note: everyone go out and treat yourself to some ice cream. And remember - 대박 (Daeback!)! What a happy message we all get to share!

I love you all! Thanks for all the support and the sweet messages :)

-Sister Holdaway


​Raw Fish Unify a Country - Korea.

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