Monday, February 23, 2015

Life is always good when you're doing the work of the Lord :)

This was transfer week!

The first half of the week was full of lots of member meals because Sister Partridge was leaving.

But on Tuesday we were able to have a special experience.

We got to go pick up the new missionaries from the airport. We had a bigger group of Sisters this time so they wanted some STL's help. Sister Partridge and I got to drive to the airport with President and Sister Morrise. Since the airport is on an island we got some amazing views.

^^Proof that I was with President^^
We met the AP's and the office elders at the airport and waited for the new missionaries! The Seoul mission people were there to pick up their missionaries too. I was getting nervous because we were going to travel back to the office with the new missionaries on the subway helping them to talk to people. It would be their first in-field mission experience.

We picked them up. We had 3 Korean sisters, 1 from Australia and 1 from New Zealand. Cool right? We split them up and . . . for some reason . . . I was in charge of help the Korean sisters talk to people on the subway. We had a 2 hour ride back to the office so we had a lot of time. When we got on the subway I had vivid memories of my first time in country. How terrified I was to talk to people because I didn't know any Korean. But this time, I knew more Korean and I could talk with people easier. I realized that even though the sisters with me spoke fluent Korean they were still really scared to talk with people. When we got on I talked with them and was able to bear my testimony on heavenly help when we need it. I gave them a few tips on how to start a conversation and I worked with each one at a time as we talked to people.

At the end they all had a really great experience. They said that their 'hearts were full of love' and that the more they talked the easier it got. I was so blessed to be able to share that experience with them. We have some AMAZING new Sister missionaries added to our mission!

Sister Partridge and I finished packing and cleaning and on Wednesday morning we were off to drop Sis Partridge off and get a new companion for me!  This was going to be my first time ever leading an area. For once, I was the one staying in the area. So, you could say I was a bit nervous.

Sister Moyer and I, instant friends, came home, settled in and we got a call from an English Class member telling us that he has something to give us for Solar (the Korean holiday). Everything would have been good but I wasn't quite sure where he asked us to meet him......

So an hour later and several phone calls back and forth, and walking all over Korea (poor Sister Moyer!) we finally met up with him and he gave us dduk, traditional Korean rice cakes. I'm glad he and Sister Moyer were patient in my lack of knowledge of Seongnam. But I have learned that getting lost is a sure way of learning an area :)

Sister Moyer and I are not super good at the language yet which really humbles us all the time. But we have seen more miracles in the few days we've been together than I have ever seen. This is going to be a rockin' transfer.

I know that when the Lord calls us to do something he will ALWAYS provide away and he will ALWAYS be there for help.  We couldn't do this without Him.

Thus, life is always good when you're doing the work of the Lord.

On Thursday was a big Korean holiday so our zone met up with another zone and we played sports and watched Meet the Mormons. It was so much fun to watch the closest thing to a real movie I will ever see on my mission :)  If you haven't watched it yet . . . you should!

I love all of you so much! I hope you have a wonderful week!

- Sister Holdaway

Note: There are new pictures on my Seongnam Ward photos page!

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