Sunday, February 8, 2015

Love At Home (sometimes it's hard to think up subject lines for these....)

What a fun, crazy week!

This week was easily the craziest week ever.

We went on 2 exchanges - I left our area and went to another area . . . twice. We had Missionary Leader Council (MLC), Temple Day, and Zone Training.

We were pretty busy but we had a blast doing it!

With all that, we were also to get some amazing miracle lessons.

On Monday, we had our weekly visit with a recent convert at her restaurant. We sat down and began reading with her from the book of Mormon in the middle of her restaurant. A man eating lunch close by overheard us and came over to ask us what we were doing. He asked a lot of questions about our religion and about the Book of Mormon. Immediately, the recent convert spoke up and bore her testimony on the Book of Mormon and the Bible. She said it with so much conviction. Sister Partridge and I were just sitting back watching her share something important to her. It was a good reminder that as missionaries, it's our job to not only help strengthen members, but also to support members in their own missionary work. We were so proud of her!

The next day we had MLC which seemed like forever (maybe just 7 hours . . . but still). Despite the length, learned so much and focused on a talk called Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Elder Pearson.

The next day I went on an exchange to 이천 (Icheon not to be confused Incheon). Icheon is out in the middle of nowhere. It's definitely country but since I've lived in cities this whole time it was fun to experience that. It took an hour bus ride out there. I got to go with Sister Park (박우림) and with her little English and my little Korean we got along really well! It was the first time she led the area and we had lots of fun adventures!

The next day was TEMPLE DAY!!  Always the best day of every transfer. It is such a blessing that I'm in a mission that can go to the temple often.

I'll send another email with pictures :)

I slept at my house that night but then packed again for another exchange the next day.

On Friday we had Zone Training where we took what we learned at the leadership meeting and trained our specific zones on it. It was also Sister Partridge's last zone training - she gave an amazing talk and shared her amazing testimony. This mission will miss her so much :/

On Sunday she also gave her 마지막 말씀 or her last talk. Then, our district sang Love at Home with an arrangement that our District Leader, Elder Thorup, composed. It was really good!

Because Sister Partridge is leaving after being in this ward for almost a whole year (wow) we have a lot of meals this next week. We will be well fed this week!

At the Temple, all of her (still-on-mission) companions were there! She got to take a picture with all of us:

I love you all!

Until next week,

Sister Holdaway  <3

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