Monday, March 2, 2015

It's Always Going to Be About the Food and the Miracles


This week has been a blur!

I would like to title this week: the week of food and miracles.

Sister Moyer and I have been putting a lot of effort into eating healthier. At the beginning of this week we went the Shijang (market) and bought lots of produce. However, our plans were soon thwarted when the bishop’s wife asked us if we could help her make Mandu (만두) – they're like potstickers. So we showed up to the church and helped her make 50 pounds of 만두 and me eating a good 10 pounds of it by myself. It was really fun though and if anyone wants to know how to make 만두 I can definitely help.



On Tuesday we received a referral from a ward member and we met her. We were expecting to just meet and talk about the programs we have but she insisted on feeding us a pizza buffet! We told her that we really do like Korean food but I'm not sure if she believed us because pizza it was! Haha – it was really, really delicious. (Korean pizza is better than American pizza. They put corn and potatoes on it. Enough said.)

After THAT, we had a meal with a member and she took us to get 삼겹살 – meat. And, though we were kind of full, it was still super delicious. Korean has the best food.

THEN, on Saturday another ward member who owns a restaurant invited us over to make a noodle dish. So, we spent Saturday morning making 50 pounds of noodles and Saturday afternoon sharing it with our elders. So if anyone wants to know how to make these 2 Korean dishes I can help!

I also ate this last week:

A Korean delicacy! Silkworms!
Maybe next week Sister Moyer and I will be better at being healthy. We are so grateful that our ward members love to feed us. I remember areas where we got fed maybe once a month. So, no complaining here :) I love this ward!

Another thing that we've been working on is being exactly obedient. Last week, we went through the white handbook and made sure that we were following the standards we needed to. We have already seen huge miracles from this.

When you are obedient you see blessings, when you are exactly obedient you see miracles.

We saw it in our lesson to a 17-year old about prayer. I always like to teach the principle that God is our Heavenly Father and Prayer together for the first time. They are simple principles but they are so incredibly important. As we testified of God's love for us and His desire to hear our prayers we asked if she had any questions. After a minute she said "How does God answer my prayers?" Obviously, we could have started to teach her about the spirit and blessings but instead we asked "How do YOU think He answers your prayers?" A little thrown off, she thought about it and said "I'll get a warm feeling in my heart and I'll know that it's truth."


We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

Yesterday, we brought the Restoration video to watch with a 14 year old girl. We had already taught her about the restoration but she still seemed to not understand completely (probably because of our Korean skills).Watched the video and bore our testimonies of Joseph Smith's calling as a prophet. Then we asked her what her feelings were.

I was a little nervous when she didn't answer us right away.  She finally said "I don't know." with a confused look on her face.  I was definitely a nervous at this point.  But then we asked "Was it a good feeling?"  Immediately, she smiled and nodded her head profusely and said "YES!"
She didn't know how to describe the feelings she felt but she knew that they were good feelings.

On the bus home from noodle making with a member I was talking to a woman who was Christian but had been to Hawaii and had seen our school and our temple. She wanted to know why our church was different than other churches. I pulled out my Book of Mormon and testified about the blessings I have seen in my life from being a member of this church.

No one can question the validity of a sincere testimony.

Anyway, these are just a few of the reasons why it's great to be a missionary.

I love you all! Have a great week!

- Sister Holdaway

P.S. I think I'm getting better at Korean because Sister Moyer says I sleep talk in Korean.

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