Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy White Day and Jamba Juice!

Sorry it's going to be a little short today!

This week we had interviews with President Morrise ~~ always the best time ever. We only get 15 minutes with him every other transfer. This is my 4th interview with him so far. It's always a little bit stressful because you only have 15 minutes to let him get to know you and to tell him everything that's been worrying you or questions you have. It is always a good experience though.

It really makes me appreciate the fact that we can have open communication with our Heavenly Father at any time and in any place and for as long as we need.

Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity of prayer!

Also Happy WHITE DAY!

Korea does Valentine’s Day a little differently than everyone else. It takes place on three days:

~ Feb 14th: Valentine’s Day (The girl gets the guy a gift)
~ Mar 14th: White Day (The guy gets the girl a gift)
~ April 14th: Black Day (All the single people go out and eat 짜장면 or black chinese noodles)

For White Day we had a stake Relief Society program which was basically a music and testimony meeting. Our ward had prepared for weeks for a cool hymn/testimony performance. It included guitars as our accompaniment. You bet Sister Moyer was playing her guitar! We invited two of our investigators to come a long with us and they were so kind and got us flowers!

Like . . . really nice flowers. Perfect for welcoming in spring!

The next day was Sunday, which is always kind of a stressful day, but this day was a little different . . . we have sacrament meeting the 3rd hour and Sister Moyer and I sat down next to our recent convert. Just before the meeting began Sister Moyer mentioned that my eyes were looking kind of red - like a blood vessel or something. I said that we can check it out after the meeting but as my mind reflected on the two words "blood" and "eye" the whole world went fuzzy and I blacked out. I came back to consciousness finding a bunch of people gathered around me looking worried. I assured them I was fine and that blood just sometimes makes me queasy but they insisted that I go home and rest.

So I went home and rested and we called the Area doctor who told me he wasn't worried but to go into the International Hospital in Seoul just to get it checked out. So this morning we made the long trip over to Seoul . . .

BUT –  the journey wasn't in vain . . .

We got Jamba Juice!

I assure everyone that I'm completely fine and I got a very pricey Jamba Juice out of the experience so it's all A-Ok :)

I know that the Lord takes care of His missionaries and is watching out for each and every one of His children :) He loves you! Never forget it.

I love you too!!

Until next week -

- Sister Holdaway

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