Monday, March 9, 2015

크리스피 크림*


Thank you all for your birthday wishes :)  I am officially 20! (still 21 in Korean age). I had a pretty eventful birthday . . .

Mostly because my birthday was between a missionary leadership council meeting and a zone training which we had to do in Korean (yay).

Needless to say, I was a bit stressed so I decided to celebrate my birthday today after all the craziness :)

How am I celebrating? I am going to eat delicious food and sleep :) The best present to myself.

However, on Wednesday night, English class, the elders surprised me with a beautiful chocolate cake and I got to blow out candles and everything. I was definitely shocked! I am serving with such an amazing district :)

So, onto more details about this last week:

Tuesday was the afore-mentioned MLC where we receive training from President for 7 hours and then plan with the Zone Leaders on what to train the missionaries in our zone.

Our focus this Zone training was Preach My Gospel. During the training we split everyone up into districts and had each of them study 1 (or 2) chapters from PMG and then train everyone on how we can us that specific chapter to become better missionaries.

It was really successful. Even though PMG is a missionary tool every home should have a copy. We have been stressing the importance of studying PMG daily along with the scriptures. If you haven't read through PMG yet, you should! It's really amazing and can apply to wherever you are in life.
Every Member is a Missionary!

As Sister Moyer and I have been trying to become "Preach My Gospel Missionaries" we have seen lots of miracles.

This week we taught a lot about prayer to our investigators. We asked one of our newest investigators if she could pray out loud for us. She seemed confused, "I usually only pray in my heart" She said. While we said that that was good, we also said that praying out loud is good when we meet with people like this. So she prayed out-loud for the first time. Afterwards, she had tears in her eyes, "It's a different feeling than I have ever felt."

Apart from teaching lots of lessons, we spend most of our time working with our English class and meetings. We aren't having a lot of time to go out and spend time talking with people.
Every Friday, we also have weekly planning where we plan for 3 hours for the rest of the week.
It's kind of hard to stay awake sometimes....

​Yeah...we've all been kind of tired lately ^^ (Sorry Sister Moyer) 

Each week, we also schedule out exchanges with other Sisters in our zone. This week we got to go with some awesome Korean sisters! The sister I went with got me some Krispy Kreme for my birthday:

I didn't know how much I actually missed donuts! This whole set cost around $11 so it was definitely a treat! 

On Sunday, we went to church. 3 hours of church in a foreign language can be hard but as I'm understanding more and more I'm able to get a lot more out of it.

There is a girl in our ward who is deaf but she diligently comes to church every week even though she doesn't understand at all. I should never complain about not understanding Korean!
Sister Moyer and I are trying to learn Korean Sign Language so that we can teach her the gospel in a way she understands. I thought learning KSL on top of Korean would be hard but it's actually been really helpful.

I'm sorry for how long this one is and for the lack of pictures this week! I'll try harder this next week ^^


- Sister Holdaway

* Korean-ization of Krispy Kreme

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