Monday, March 23, 2015

#BecauseHeLives #그분이살아계시기에

​​This week was Temple week!

Which is always the best week :)

Besides the going to the temple we were busy this week with lots of lessons and tracking down less active members . . . and eating delicious food.
Sister Moyer and I now have a "regular." She gets 떡국 (Dukguk) I get 김치찌게 (Kimchi stew) and then we split a kimbap. Yum! I'm sure going to miss Korean food :(

In our mission we are starting to prepare people for Easter! We have new cards to hand out that bring you to: ​

We are asking all of our members "Because He lives, what can YOU do?" and we are making posters and street-boards so that we can share the happy message of Christ's resurrection. As we are meeting with members and strengthening our ward we are asking them to share their testimony of the Atonement. It’s amazing how much I learn from each member as they tell me how they apply the Atonement in their life and how they have been blessed by it. My testimony is definitely strengthened.

The Church is having a YouTube Takover on April 5th(? i think?) where the video will be on the front page of YouTube so look out for that!

Woo! Easter and Conference are coming up ^^

To help share this message with people in our area we are also planning on "Singing 전도" where we and our Elders go out on the street and sing primary songs. Sister Moyer has a guitar and Elder Lim (our DL) has a Ukulele. So we're basically set.

Music = Power.

On Tuesday- we went to visit a recent convert and when we got there her mother was there too, she is about 70 years old and not interested in religion. We also can't understand about anything she says . . . so we asked her if she could teach us Arirang (traditional Korean folk song) and so we sat in a restaurant singing Arirang and having a wonderful time. After we were done with that we pulled out our hymnbooks and taught her "As Sisters in Zion." It was so neat to know that we couldn't understand each other but we could both share our love for music.

On Sunday she came to church and her favorite part was the singing :)

Music softens the heart.

Well, that's all folks. Until next time!

Sarangheyo - 사랑해요!

 - Sister Holdaway

P.S. Familiar Faces

P.P.S. Sister Moyer and I were watching a Mormon Message in the church and it was really touching so we started crying . . . a lot. And right then the elders walked in and it was a little awkward. Lesson - don't watch touching videos in a public place.

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