Monday, April 20, 2015



Spring is here!

Spring in Korea is like . . . the best time of the year.

It kept us sane while we were busy trying to plan Zone Conference. We only had a week to plan and we were in charge
of the venue and a fun activity. So last Sunday we decided to check out Olympic park where they hosted the Olympics in 1988 ~

​Note: That tall tower in the back? About to be the tallest building in Asia. 123 stories tall!

While Olympic Park was cool we decided on another park.

Zone Conference was an all-day activity with lots of training and being able to talk with other missionaries in our zone.

A few months ago our mission adopted what we call "The 7 Minute Workout" which is basically a full-body, cardio and strength workout that you only need to do for 7 minutes in the morning. So a part of Zone Conference, President Morrise challenged everyone to do the workout and see who has the most score. So, me being the competitive person I am, decided to do it. I didn't beat president but I did beat my scores in the past but I definitely paid for it . . . it's been about 5 days and I'm still sore. It was really fun though!

After Zone Conference was over the next thing we had to prep for was a ward music night, which was very successful! Most of our ward showed up to support it and a lot of non-members came as well! Very fun ~~

Lastly, even though I'm in Seongnam I also cover Songpa (where the mission office is) because they don't have sister missionaries. Just last week we received 2 new investigators in that area so we will be doing a lot of traveling there and back in the near future.

It's always hard work but it's always worth it <3

I love all of you!  Have a wonderful week!

 - Sister Holdaway

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