Monday, April 13, 2015

Tender Mercies

Hello everyone!

Sorry this will have to be a short one today ~~

This week was full of meetings and trainings.

Sister Moyer and I had to give 3 trainings on Thursday. One to District Leaders titled: "What is a Sister Missionary? What are her needs? And how can I appropriately address those needs as a District Leader?"

The next was to all the Sisters - it was just a getting to know you activity and going over good ol' modesty and cleaning the house.

Then - we had to give training in both Korean and English to the whole zone on following the spirit and the importance of the spirit in missionary work.

The rest of our week was watching CONFERENCE!

For those of you who don't know - Korea gets conference a week later than everyone. It's hard to wait a whole week but it was so amazing and came at exactly the right time.

On Thursday I hit my year mark on a mission!!! Wow! Time really flies.

A few days ago Sister Moyer and I were talking about “tender mercies” that we have seen on our missions. Tender mercies aren't big things to everyone else- but they're big to us.

It reminded me of a time in the MTC (a year ago 0-0) when I was feeling especially homesick. Specifically I was missing my mother’s smoothies. It was something so small and insignificant but that morning I turned to my companion and said "Man, what I would give to have my mom's smoothies again." That very same day for dinner - what happens to appear? None other than SMOOTHIES! The MTC NEVER serves smoothies. But that day someone decided "Why not serve smoothies to the missionaries?" little knowing how much it would mean to me.

Little things like that make me know that God is watching out for us and cares about the littlest tiniest things.

Sometimes we are so focused on seeing the big displays of miracles and the big answers to our prayers that we miss the answers to the little whisperings in our heart that no one but God can know.

I'm so grateful for this gospel. And I'm especially grateful to be able to hear the words of the living prophet and apostles. So uplifting!

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy spring!!


Sister Holdaway

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