Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rollerblading and Translating 0.0


What a week!

We have had a lot of our investigators drop us, or stop meeting with us over the last few weeks but we have had a lot of success with finding new, prepared people.

On Wednesday, after district meeting, our district decided to sticker board for English. We have a board that asks "What is the hardest part about learning English?" and then there are boxes that say "Words, Grammar, and Pronunciation." We stand at a street corner and invite everyone to choose a category and put a sticker on the board. We then talk about our free English program and see who's interested.
It was VERY successful! Yay!  Sister Moyer and I got 9 numbers and we look forward to seeing them all come out to our English class!

On Thursday we had TEMPLE DAY!!! Woot! So we got to go across the river ~

The river divides our mission from the Seoul Mission so it's a big treat if we get to go there. We just aren't allowed to shop or buy food there :(

For P-Day we went bike riding with our zone! Except, we kinda got lost trying to find the bikeriding place so we ended up just walking around and taking selfies.

Those faces though....

We finally made it, but instead of biking I decided to go roller blading? Worst decision ever! I think I assumed it would be much easier than it actually was. I  started going but then I realized that everyone on bikes was way far ahead of me   so I tried to go faster and faster.

"It is not requisite for a man to [rollerblade] faster than he has strength."

I ended up falling and sprung my wrist – It wasn't that bad but I ended up taking my roller blades off and just walking the rest of the day.

We were so sore the next day, which made it hard the next couple of days. But today, this P-day, we are resting!

Last Sunday we had a new family move in. They are Polynesian and the husband is working on the American Base close by. They really wanted to delve into Korean culture so they decided to attend a Korean ward for the two years they will be here. They are so awesome!

However, that means that we missionaries can be a really big help to them by translating. I translated for the mother in Relief Society. That was the first time I have ever had to translate and it was so hard! Ahhh!
I can understand basically what everyone is saying in my head but translating that into English that makes sense was a lot more difficult than I had originally anticipated. But it'll definitely help me improve in English speaking skills and Korean listening skills!

After Relief Society, Sister Moyer and I went to help the 8 year old girl in primary. We will be co-teaching primary from now on. The Primary president says something in Korean and we say the same thing in English. It's actually really fun! And Primary Korean is a LOT easier to understand than . . . anything else. It's really refreshing ^^

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve in Korea.
They say that 10 years of experience is shoved into 18 months or 2 years and that is 100% true.

I love you all! <3
Have a wonderful week ~~~

- Sister Holdaway

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