Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Miracles on Exchanges


This week has been a blast with two exchanges and lots of miracles.

We need to conduct four exchanges a transfer with all the sisters in our zone and every time we have an exchange I always learn so much and there's always a miracle.

We also taught a lot of amazing lessons this week. It's just one of those weeks where I feel like I've learned so much!

One of the lessons we taught was with a lady who is atheist. Obviously, you can see how it can be kind of hard to teach someone about our gospel if they don't believe in God. So that's why the very first thing we ever talk about is God, our Loving Heavenly Father. Inspired by C.S. Lewis we started by looking out the window and asking her what she can see (e.g., the buildings, the trees) then we asked if she could see the sun - at that time, she couldn't.

We then went on to say "We know that God lives. Even though we can't see him, we know that he lives because through him we can see everything else . . . all the blessings and miracles and happiness in our lives."

She seemed really impressed and we ended our lesson with her saying "I have never met young ladies like you. Very impressed."

The next day, we went on an exchange. I was with a new Korean Sister who started her mission a few weeks ago. We decided to go visit a less active member whose daughter used to be our investigator but she stopped answering our texts and calls a few weeks ago. We were very sad and worried about her so we decided to stop by. We ended up meeting the mom and talking a bit, then we sang "Families can be together forever" for her. Her daughter wasn't there - she said she was out exercising - so we went out to try to find her!  We went to a nearby school and walked around the track until we found her - we hadn't seen her in a month and it was so nice to see her again. She told us her phone was broken so she couldn't answer us when we called. It was such a relief and such a miracle!

That night we were calling to invite them to English Class the next day. We called a girl we met on the street and she said that she didn't know if she could make it on Saturday :(  BUT - she then asked us what time our church started. We happily told her when it started and invited her to come. The next day she came to sacrament meeting with us. After church we taught her about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. She accepted it well and said she will come next week too! We see bright things ahead with her.

To end - we had Zone Conference a few weeks ago and President said something I will never forget: "Sometimes our members think that missionaries are amazing because they are perfect. But I say- You're wrong! Our missionaries are much more amazing than you think because they AREN'T perfect . . . but they still do the things they do."

It made me realize that God doesn't call perfect people to do His work. He calls very imperfect people like you and me. I have never learned to rely more on Christ than I have on my mission because I know that if it weren't for Him I would never ever be able to do any of this.
God gives us weaknesses to humble us - and through our weaknesses we can be closer to Him than we ever have before.

I love it!!

It's hard but so worth it :)

I love you all and you're in my prayers <3


- Sister Holdaway

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