Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Gave a 갑자기 Talk in Sacrament Meeting :)


This Week

We taught a lot of really cool, really amazing lessons. When I was with Sister Partridge a girl came to our English class. We found out her mother was a less active and that she had not been baptized. We started meeting with her and now she has a baptism date!!!! It's next month and we are really excited. 
When we first invited her to be baptized she said she had already received baptism. We were a bit shocked but we believed her. We looked and looked and looked for a baptism record but we couldn't find one. So we got permission and then invited her again to be baptized - explaining that she has a very special opportunity. She readily accepted and we asked "How do you feel about getting baptized again?" And she said, "It's like I can start my 3rd life. One when I was born. One when I was baptized, and now one when I'm baptized again." 

We also taught another lesson to some investigators after English class. We taught them about repentance. One of our investigators is 12 so we wanted to show her an example. We talked about how we are all imperfect and sometimes we make mistakes and sin. As we talked about that we started piling books in her arms and they got heavier and heavier and heavier until she couldn't hold them anymore. 

Later, we then talked about the steps to repentance and we slowly took each book off until they were all gone. We then read Alma 36 about Alma's conversion experience. We then asked her how she felt before and after she was holding the books. She said very simply: "When the books were heavy I was sad but when the books were off of me I was happier than I have ever been!" 
THERE WE GO. That's why we teach the happy message of repentance. Repentance is not scary or something to be afraid of. It's a very relieving experience and we can truly feel "happier than [we] have ever been!" 

​We did Tim Tam Slams! (please ignore our messy sink) 

So Sundays are usually the most stressful day of the week. Mostly because it's straight up using, listening and translating Korean for 3+ hours. It's super fun and I love our ward and our members! But it can be a bit stressful sometimes. ~~ Especially this last Sunday.  
On Sunday we arrived early to church to greet people as they come in. The first counselor of the bishopric came in and told everyone that this member couldn't come today so they would have to find someone else to give a talk in sacrament meeting. And everyone's eyes looked at me . . . So for the next hour and a half I prepared a sacrament talk . . . all in Korean . . . and gave it during sacrament meeting. It was pretty fun and I did better than I thought I would.  Anyway - it was a good experience and I will forever never be afraid to give a last minute talk in English ever again. 

This morning we went to Nam Han San Seong or Nam Han Castle. I've been there a few times but it's always so fun to go back. ​

​​Sister Sweetnam and I are having fun and working hard here!

Have I mentioned lately that I love being a missionary!?!? 

Love you all! 
- Sister Holdaway 

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