Monday, May 18, 2015

Training and a Symphony

So I guess the biggest news this week is that . . .

1) We said goodbye to Sister Moyer! She will be missed ㅠㅠ
2) On Wednesday - I went to the mission office and we had lunch with the 3 new sisters. They had just come to country the day before.

We had training for "how to train" and then our new companions were announced. ^^Sister Sweetnam from Washington State. She loves to dance and swim. Her mom is Korean and her dad is American. They met on their mission in Korea.

Hmm . . .

Who does that also sound like . . . ?

That's right. All 4 of our parents met in Korea in the same mission!

It was definitely meant to be ~~

I love her so much already. She has definitely had a couple of crazy first days in country.

On Thursday we went across the river to a BYU Symphony. We saw basically the ENTIRE Seoul mission there. It was so cool to see my friends from the MTC and my MD buds Elder Rosenberg and Elder Olsen. Of course, we will see each other again in a few weeks so no worries!

Columbia Maryland Stake and Annapolis Maryland Stake Represent!

​Why do I have such beautiful companions!!! Wahh.
Anyway - I know it's a little short today but it's been quite the crazy week. This Thursday we go to the Temple. It's so fun getting to show a new missionary around Korea. Sister Sweetnam has been here once before and knows a lot but it's still so fun to experience missionary work with her! We have plans to go to the 목욕탕 in the future ^^

Until next time,


- Sister Holdaway

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