Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Remember to Eat Your Fruit and Veggies!"

I spent Monday morning skyping my parents! It was such a treat - only 40 minutes but so great :) The next time I see my family will be at the end of my mission! Crazy!

I hope everyone is having a great Mother’s Day :) Mother's Day is not an actual holiday in Korea. They have a Parent’s Day - and a Children's Day but I like splitting the parents up with their own holiday because you celebrate each parent for a different reason.

Anyway, at Mission Leadership Council last week we had a special sisters meeting with Sister Morrise. The subject was about fear and how we can overcome our fears through Christ. Which is an awesome topic but . . . it turned into "How We Can Overcome Fears Through Our Mothers"

We all started talking about our moms and how much we missed them and . . . yeah. I don't know if anyone misses their moms more than missionaries in a foreign country who have to face scary things every day. I'm so grateful for my amazing mother, her bright example in my life and everything she has ever taught me.

I'm finally taking her suggestion to eat healthier:

Sister Moyer and I were wondering why we have no energy and are tired all the time and we knew it was our food choices. So we spruced up a bit^^ Granted, I think being tired is just a part of missionary work but I think this will help a lot.

We really needed this nutritious boost because Sister Moyer and I had to give another training session on Thursday . . . in Korean . . . 0_0 It's always super terrifying but we wanted to make it fun and not boring. We decided since we aren't great at training to teach through song - so we wrote a song about being diligent missionaries! Yay! I think it woke everyone up ^^

On Sunday we got transfer calls - Sister Moyer is leaving and I'm staying and training! We transfer on Wednesday. I will miss Sister Moyer so much. She's been such an amazing example to me and a good friend! She is now my only companion in the mission field so I'm glad I can still talk with her and see her :)

You all can meet my new missionary next week! I'll tell you all about her!

Remember to love your mothers!! Every day.

I love you all -

- Sister Holdaway

My favorite lady on the street!


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