Monday, July 6, 2015

The Americans in Korea


This week has been so amazing! Including Temple Day and the 4th of July! And if you think we didn't celebrate 4th of July here in Korea . . . you're wrong :) More details on that to come.

But first!

Temple Day is always the best. After the Temple we went home to have a relaxing day but we get a call from a potential investigator who wants to meet right away! We run to the church and meet her. She's 18 years old and LOVES the Book of Mormon. She wanted to study the Book of Mormon together and wants to meet us twice a week to study the Book of Mormon more. She has been meeting missionaries for over a year but she's finally ready to "feast upon" the Book of Mormon and we're excited to do it with her!

We also met a lot of amazing people, taught new investigators and watched our current investigators progress.

On Saturday, Sister Sweetnam and I dressed in red, white and blue and sang patriotic songs to start our study time in the morning. We also attempted to do the Pledge of Allegiance but we couldn't find an American flag anywhere. Luckily, I had a flag shirt from the MTC and we located the American flag on it ㅋㅋㅋ

For lunch we went to an American food buffet with our Elders and ate till we were stuffed.

Then we went to English class and taught everyone "America the Beautiful"

It helps that everyone in our district is from America. :)
Our Elders got a little full.

Me sporting my stars and stripes!
We were street-boarding yesterday (standing with a sign about our church and talking to people about it) and there was a cotton-candy stand next to us. I think the owner noticed Sister Sweetnam staring longingly at the cotton-candy because he gave here one for free! It's shaped like a flower :) 

This week was really busy but the busier we are the happier we feel :)

I love this work and I love what I'm doing and I want to make every minute count.
I love you all!

Have a wonderful week ^^

- Sister Holdaway

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