Monday, June 29, 2015

Miracle at the Baptism



This week was full of walking and teaching and knocking on doors and I sweat a lot ^^ But I think the climax of this entire week happened yesterday at church.

Yesterday, the elders had a baptism. It was the first baptism I have seen in the year or so that I've been here in Korea. I am so proud of our elders and of the brother that made the important and life-changing decision to be baptized!! It was amazing!~

I don't have a lot of time so I'll paste what I wrote to president this week:

"Yesterday was 윤동구's Baptism. We called all of our investigators, less actives and friends to invite them to this baptism. Unfortunately, none of them could come. Then we remembered that we forgot someone. We teach a lady English and she has made it clear that she only likes us for our English. She is a strong Christian but isn't very interested in attending another church. However, she felt bad that we were teaching her all this free English so she decided to make us happy and come to our church "one time." Once is better than never! So she came to church at 11 a.m. –  went to Gospel Principles and when the teacher asked her to introduce herself she said, again, that she attends another church and the only reason she is here is because she feels bad for us teaching her free English all the time.
Afterwards, she went to sacrament meeting. We were praying for her the entire time. Hoping she would enjoy it. Afterwards, we had the baptism that she said she would attend if we could help her with English afterwards. We agreed and she came and sat in the back. When it came time to perform the ordinance, the baptismal font was uncovered and our investigator made her way the front looking curious. After the baptism she looked at me with wide eyes and said "I have NEVER seen that before." She went back to her seat, smiling and enthusiastically joined with us in singing hymns.

After church she talked with the members and ate some refreshments. Afterwards, as we met with her we asked her how she felt at church. She paused, smiled largely and said "감동적인 느낌"(or a deep impression) and that it felt just like family.

She then resolved to come every week, as often as she can.

What a difference 2 hours can make.
There have been several experiences on my mission to remind me why I'm here and what I'm here to do. Yesterday was one of those experiences.

In other random news ~

The mother of the American family in our ward bore here testimony in church...all in Korean! I was so proud of her! Meanwhile, I translated for the rest of her family and it’s still....pretty difficult. I understand it all in my head but the minute I try to say it in English it doesn't work. I realized at one point that I was saying Korean words to the family but only because I literally forgot what those words were in English . . . oops.

I have been filling in for the primary pianist in primary and it's been really fun. I'm thankful that the children songs are simple!

We are getting a lot of bugs in our house so if anyone knows how to get rid of them . . . something other than spraying Windex on them 'til they die would be great.

I love you all!~!~!

Have a wonderful week!
 - Sister Holdaway

P.S. Shout out to Saren and Don who got MARRIED last week!!!  WOOT!!


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