Monday, June 22, 2015

Choco Pies and the Matchmaker


We got transfer calls on Saturday~~~ I'm staying here in Seongnam and will finish training Sister Sweetnam here! This will be my 5th transfer here which is easily twice as long as I've been anywhere. I love it here so I'm happy! Elder Downing is leaving our district ㅠㅠ so we'll see who the new elder is!

Fun things that happened this week:

During planning one night we hear a knock on the door. It was a bit scary because the only people who knock on our door are sales-people or other missionaries from another church. So -- we open it up to find our upstairs neighbor with a plate of delicious cucumber kimchi (my favorite!!) and she said that she heard voices from in here and wanted to introduce herself by giving us food. She said that about 2 years ago 'boy missionaries' lived here and would always give her kids Choco Pies so she was always so grateful. We thanked her profusely and sat down to finish planning and eat our kimchi.

Not long after we hear another knock on the door and she's there with 닭갈비(a chicken dish . . . my other favorite) and her two kids are along with her. We thank her again so, so much and we say hello to her children - we sing a few songs with them, say goodbye, then thank Heavenly Father for the family living 2 stories above us. And of course, eat the delicious food.

Next  . . . A really nice lady came up to us on the subway and wanted our number! Never happens. Later find out that she's a matchmaker for Christian singles . . .ㅋㅋ So we'll see where this goes . . . I will keep you updated. She's really sweet though!

We went on exchanges with some awesome sisters this week!!

We have a Teacher Improvement program to help us with our language and teaching skills and I finished it literally on my year mark! I am a certified teacher now^^

I have acquired a guitar from another Sister who didn't want it . . . but the last string broke. So if anyone knows how to restring a guitar let me know. And yay for sharing the gospel through music!

We had stake conference this week ~ it was a broadcast from Utah. Elder Ringwood spoke (he spoke at last general conference, about serving in Korea) and he gave a talk completely in Korean! Everyone else was translated.

Our mission came out with an intense 7 minute, full body work out that we are expected to do every morning. Our district wants to make a workout video for it so we will film it today. I have been chosen to be the token girl so . . . wish me luck. Maybe I'll send the video next week^^

Cute story of the week:
Our youngest investigator is 8 and we have been teaching her through primary songs. So far, we have taught here "Follow the Prophet" "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!" and "Book of Mormon Stories" She has the songs completely memorized and has started making up choreography to go along with them. I love teaching children! 

Anyway, it's getting hot here so we're trying to stay cool!

Until next time!

- Sister Holdaway

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