Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Meetings, Meetings and the MERS Virus


It's been a great week and really busy. This week was Mission Leadership Council and Zone Training and these weeks can get a tad stressful. Since I'm the only Sister Training Leader in the zone I just trained along with the Zone Leaders and it turned out really good!

There was a part where the Sisters and Elders split up and I took the Sisters in another room and we had a heart-to-heart about faith and finding prepared people. We also snacked on chocolate which is always fun.

Besides those meetings we had . . . more meetings! Our primary president in our ward has employed our help to teach the American girl from Texas. It's really fun! Sister Sweetnam and I teach her after sharing time and I have discovered that I have lost all my English-speaking abilities. Sister Sweetnam is not shy to point out when I make a grammar mistake here and there or say something awkward that "normally American's wouldn't say." Ha ha. I just tell her that she'll get to be my age someday and deal with the same problems. ㅋㅋ

I really love being with a new missionary. There's a special "fire" that I have missed!  Every time she bears here testimony- no matter how simple- it's always super powerful.

An Elder that is leaving next week said something that really hit me, he said "I know Korean well enough now that I can talk for a while about a subject. But nothing I say will be more important that 'I know God loves you' or 'I know this church is true'." I really like this reminder that I can talk a lot about things now but a simple testimony can be more powerful than any words.

In other news:

MERS Virus is getting to be a pretty big deal here now, I guess. But it's ok! We're keeping safe!

President said that if we workout in the morning we will be safe ^^

Lastly - on Monday my 동기 MTC district met up at the zoo!

​Elder Barton missed the memo . . .

Until next time!

 - Sister Holdaway

Note: This week marks a year since I got to Korea!! 0_0

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